Das Video zum „Rootical 3 – Roots & Dub Universum“ Mixtape


Mit Einblendungen und Ausschnitten aus den Speeches, die im Mixtape enthalten sind. ; hier die Liste:

• „Look for Me In a Whirlwind or a Storm“ – Marcus Garvey (Harlem, New
York, 1924)
• Russ Disciples Interview taken from a DOCUMENTARY on UK SOUND SYSTEMS:
• Malcom X Speech taken from a debate between Malcolm X and Bayard
• Jah Shaka on British music programme ‚Snub Tv‘ in 1991
• Mikey Dread from „Channel One Soundsystem“ taken from a DOCUMENTARY on
• Dennis Brown Interview taken from Deep Roots Music – Ch.4
TV. 1982 Episode 5 – „Money In My Pocket“ by Howard Johnson & Jim Pines
• Bertolt Brecht – Conquer „Wir wollen auf der Bühne das wirkliche Leben
beschreiben und zwar so, dass der es sieht, fähiger wird, dieses Leben zu
• Bertolt Brecht – Why? (speaks in the House Committee on Un – American
Activities 1947/48)
• Bertolt Brecht – Das Leben ist (fast) kein Vergnügen mehr
• Johnny Osbourne Interview with Rich Lowe of WRUW Radio. at 2006
• Nina Simone: „Freedom“ taken from: Recording session: Documentary,
excerpt from „Nina: An Historical Perspective“ by Peter Rodis – Release
by the Estate of Nina Simone
• Nina Simone Live in London 1968

Audio: compiled, mixed and arranged by Di CAPTAiN | 2018
Video: Moritz Henne




Rootical Crate

A1 Al Campbell – Jah Love (Extended mix)
A2 General Lee & Trinity – Jah a me Right Hand Man
B1 Jah Love Dub
B2 King Tubbys Dub

compiled, mixed and arranged by Di CAPTAiN | 2018


Rootical Crate


PST1017 – Mystic – Pressure Sounds

A1. Junior Brown – What A Disaster
A2. Version
B. The Disciple – Disaster Remix

used equipment: Technics 1200 mkII, Rane Sixty-Four, Troots SD1 Dub
Siren, BOSS RE-201 Space Echo & Ableton Live Suite 9

compiled, mixed and arranged by Di CAPTAiN | 2018

Rootical 3 – Roots & Dub Universum


Der nächste Step in der Rootical Mixtape Reihe. „Roots & Dub Universum“ – hie und da mit einigen Einschnitten und Reden Großer Meister. Die Länge wird bis auf den Rand des Rohlings ausgenutzt und beträgt ca. 80 Minuten. 15 ineinander verzahnte Tunes. Eine Mixtur aus Roots, Dub, und Stepper.

Zum 1. Mai, dem Tag der Arbeiterklassen aller Länder, möchte ich noch eine Textstelle aus dem Roman „Die Mutter“ von Maxim Gorki zitieren, das 1906/07 erstmals in einer Zeitschrift erschienen ist: „Wir fühlen keinen Boden unter uns…und das brauchen wir auch nicht, weil es ja unsere Aufgabe ist, die Erde aufzurütteln. Beim ersten Rütteln reißen sich nur einige Menschen los, beim zweiten mal folgen andere!“


Rootical 2 Experience


At first! Give thanks to every producer, artist and the people who are involved in this piece of art. Heartical selection for I&i — give it a try! I used to put in the sounds of maracas, one guacharaca and one melodica to share my impression with each and everyone. Music is connection. We can learn the language.
Fulljoy everytime! Ites.

LION I-FI Soundsystem w/ Di CAPTAiN & Friends (30/10/2017 – Wuppertal – Mauke)


This is the third time that the guys from LION I-FI organise a Gathering in MAUKE to spread Roots, Dub and Stepper vibrations. I really look forward to this ‚Roots & Kultur‘ gathering that will happen at the 30th of October and i am very happy to be part of it. We’re going to have instrumentalists and MCs to push down the pressure!! So come rally i would say!

„Rootical 2 Experience“ now on YouTube


Greetings to one and all!

After a bunch of hours in front of the computer i can surely share my happiness about this work with you. Cause my latest mixtape (https://soundcloud.com/di_captain/rootical-ii-experience) is now available on the YouTube platform. I’ve put some original footage like the speech from Leroy „Horsemouth“ Wallace from the movie called „Rockers“ (wich was released in 1978 and directed/produced by Theodoros Bafaloukos) and the speech from Malcolm X („Democracy is hypocrisy“) where he is talkin‘ ‚bout the social and racism problems in the U. S.. I thought that this is the right medium to put everything together.

So fulljoy! Give thanks & ites!