Rootical Dub Station 12 – 8th May 2020

Mixtapes, Rootical Dub Station

A good six months ago an attack on a shisha bar in Hanau was committed. 9 people were killed. People who still had most of their lives ahead of them.
Right-wing terrorism and racism is also evident in the NSU affair, which has not yet been fully cleared up. »Single perpetrator« seems to be a synonym for these attacks. This is also true in the case of Walter Lübke, who was shot in the head in Kassel. The acts are no longer available.
Racism and right-wing radicalism are systemic acts, but are not considered to be systemically relevant. Convictions do not come to an end. 75 years ago, on May 8, 1945, Germany was liberated from fascism. Nobody won, because the contractions of fascism are still present to this day. Therefore I remember the victims of equal deeds.
In Hamburg, there is also a constant remembrance of victims of the system. With posters, billboards and flyers on fences, on window panes and on the streets. Right-wing radicalism, fascism and racism are not unique phenomena in the current system and are far from being stifled. Therefore there was a demonstration f.e. in Stuttgart on August 19, 2020, where people took onto the streets and raised the flags.
My live stream of 8 May 2020 takes up this topic and tries to negotiate this. Even the similarities between the victims, for example in everyday racism, and the working class are part of it.

Gracias a la vida
Soul Drums
Dub With Feeling
Daylight Robbery + Dub
Look In The World + Dub
Reality + Version
Joker Lover + Version
Warrior + Version
Robber Man + Version
I And I Time
Poor Marcus + Brother Marcus Dub
At The Dub Market
Lamb’s Bread Herb
Jah Love Is With I (Extended)
Armed Robbery + Grab An Flee
Dont Study Wrong + Sounds Almighty Version
Fally Ranking
Babylon (Extended)
Changing (Extended)
Babylon Is A Trap
Police Man
I Don’t Want To Be No General + Dub
Take Nine

Rootical Dub Station 11 – 1st May 2020

Mixtapes, Rootical Dub Station

I have just released my May 1st live mix, which is dedicated to the working class people around the world. The 1st of May is the day of the working people.
Its historical tradition dates back to 1884 when the »Federation of Organized Trades and Labor Unions of the United States and Canada« called for a general strike on May 1, 1886. They demanded an eight-hour working day instead of a twelve-hour day. In the whole of the United States between 300.000 and 500.000 people went on strike. The largest demonstration took place in Chicago with 90.000 people. On May 3, six workers were shot and some were injured. The following night, thousands of workers gathered and ran to Haymarket Square as a sign of their protest against the violence of the capitalist system. On May 4, the workers gathered to express their solidarity with their dead comrades and to protest against the brutality of the police. A bomb was dropped on Haymarket Square. Nobody knows whom the bomb came from, but research suggests that an Agent Provocateur detonated the bomb on behalf of the authorities. A peaceful event turned into a massacre. Demonstrators were shot and killed once again at the hands of the government. The strike lasted three days until the police broke through and crushed the protest. During this time, around 200 workers were injured or killed. The day went down in history as the »Haymarket Riot«. The organizers were sentenced to death. Despite defeat, the day was a step forward in the victory of socialism. It clearly showed the working classes of the world that they either remain wage slaves in bourgeois societies or liberate themselves by overthrowing bourgeois society and its class violence against the oppressed.
So this two-hour-long roots reggae and dub mix, with some selected melodies of humanity and against oppression, is dedicated to both tradition and the upcoming struggles for a better, fairer world. Solidarity is the key.

Elegie al Che
Capture Land Dub
Militancy Dub
Shoot Up The Town
A Fat Dub
Heart Made Of Stone + Dub
Stabbed Yu In De Back
Them Thing Deh
Citizen Dub
Which Side Are You On?
No Man Is An Island
To Much Confusion (Extended)
Wood For My Fire Dub Wise
Wood For My Fire Style
Whom Shall I Be Afraid Of (Extended)
La Lizza Delle Apuane (Toscana) + Bella Ciao (Pianura Padana)
Kingdom Dub
Slave Driver + Dub
The Internationale
Jahova Dub
Battle Cry
Mentally Tougher By Using Dub One + Two
The Big Tree
Mandela + Version
East Bond Street
Downbeat Rock + Dubplate Cut 2
La Plegaria A Un Labrador