Release: Dub Fields by KAPTAN


»Dub Fields« is the first self-release by KAPTAN, dub and reggae producer from Germany living in the southwest – Stuttgart.
Out of the board – with a atmospheric, meditative and grounded stepper riddim with easy ruff and raw effects straight in the mix.

„We got to know who we’re playing with,
And we got to know what we’re working for.
We got to know who we’re talking to,
And we got to know what we’re listening for.“
Dennis Brown – A True

released February 17, 2022
Produced, arranged and mixed by KAPTAN
Mastering by GABSTon International
Cover design by Selector James Joint

Mixtape: Organic Dub Squeeze

Mixtapes, Releases

»Organic Dub Squeeze« is a dub mix project with soul and funk influenced reggae music.

//Sometimes the spring brings us joy and happiness.
And sometimes it will be dark and shady.
However. One thing for sure: Summer is comin.
And the real work has to be done.//

1. Dub Fever
2. Sweet Dub
3. Dub Midnight
4. Dub The Rain
5. Dub Your Thing
6. Dub Of My Dreams
7. Dub Go Round
8. My Guiding Dub
9. Love Don’t Dub Here Anymore


Rootical Dub Station 13: Dub Pressure – 15th May 2020

Mixtapes, Rootical Dub Station

This one called »Dub Pressure«. The Pressure is everywhere and the pressure is wide spreading from one to one. This tape is like a dedication to stand against the hard time pressure and to focus on that, whats present – and on that, what is possible. I’ve recorded this one as a live stream dated back to the 15th May of 2020. It contains the pattern from UK Dub and goes on. From the ’90s – to the mids – to the present time. Turn up your loudspeaker and follow the base. Fulljoy!

Ain’t No Sunshine
Born In The Ghetto
Unhappy People
Shaka The Great
Verse 1
Commandment Dub
Conquering Dub
Redemption Dub
Powerful Dub
Armagedon Dub
The Dub Mafia Has Returned
Mighty In Battle
Rainbow City
I Fear No Evil
The Kings Highway + Dub
Cape Horn Verse I
Positive Vibration + Verse II
Fyah Spirit
Praise H.I.M. (Livity-Ites Dub)
You No Better + Humble Dub
Guiding Light
True Love
Rootical Dub
Gregory’s Dub
Jah Lead Us + Dub
Revelation Dub + Mix
Home Way
Raagstep – Panda Dub Remix
Boogie Dub Production
Glowing Fire – Full Dub Remix
The Great Return
Down In The Town + Dub In The Hills
Dubplate Specialist
Guide I & I
Amazonite (Sound System Mix)
The Bridge
The Tunnel
Urban Style + Dub
Sleep On It

Rootical Dub Station 5

Mixtapes, Rootical Dub Station

Dieser Mix beinhaltet einige Tracks und Dub-Mixes aus dem Dub Prozess von den 90ern bis zur Gegenwart. Der Live-Stream hat am 17. November 2019 über stattgefunden. Vertreten sind Conscious Embassy, Vibronics, Kanka, Indica Dubs, Jah Massive u.a.

1) Dub Revolution – The Disciples
2) Day are Grey Dub – Conscious Embassy with Young Kulcha
3) Genesis – Jonah Dan
4) Silver & Gold Dub – Vinney Satta with Cornell Campbell
5) Shanti Ites – The Shanti Ites
6) Shanti Ites Dub – The Shanti Ites
7) Eastern Fire – The Disciples
8) Fyah Spirit – The Disciples
9) Warrior Rock – Vibronics
10) Warrior Dub – Vibronics
11) Skunky (Version) – Kanka
12) Amazonite (Zion Train Mix) – Krak In Dub with Pupa Jim
13) Money Dub – Cultural Warriors with Horace Andy
14) Fire Dub – Dennis Rootical & King Simeon with Micah Shemaiah
15) Revelation Dub Mix – Indica Dubs & Jah Massive

Various Artist | DICAPTAINMUSIC.COM | 21. November 2019

Rootical Dub Station 4

Mixtapes, Rootical Dub Station

Eine Live Aufnahme vom 10. November 2019. Strictly Dub Versions in der Rootical Dub Station: Live-Streaming Selection über mein Facebook-Profil.

1) Powerful Dub – Jah Shaka
2) Hunger – Dennis Brown/Castro Brown with D.E.B. Music Players
3) Shaka The Great – The Overnight Players
4) Murder Observer Style – Winston ‚Niney‘ Holness with Gregory Isaacs
5) Kingdom Rise And Kingdom Fall – Barnabas, Henry ‚Junjo‘ Lawes and Roots Radics with Wailing Souls
6) Rasta Have The Handle – Scientist with Hugh Mundell
7) Bad Days Are Going – Bunny Lee and The Revolutionaries with Johnny Clarke
8) Look Youthman – Prince Jammy with Barrington Levy
9) Noah’s Ark – Scientist with Eek-A-Mouse
10) Fittest Of The Fittest Dub – King Tubby with Barry Brown
11) Slave Driver Version – Dennis Brown
12) Ethiopian Kings Dub – C. Oswald and Soul Syndicate with Rod Taylor
13) Jahovah Dub (Alternative Mix) – Prince Jammy with Johnny Osbourne
14) Life Is Not Easy Dub – Linval Thompson
15) Sounds Almighty Version – Dennis Brown/Castro Brown with D.E.B. Music Players
16) General Dub Version – Dennis Brown
17) Rasta P’on Top – Norman Grant, Twinkle Brothers
18) Hell A Go Pop – Soldgie, Henry ‚Junjo‘ Lawes and Roots Radics with Cultural Roots

Various Artist | DICAPTAINMUSIC.COM | 17.11.2019

Rootical Dub Station 3

Mixtapes, Rootical Dub Station

Die Aufnahme meiner Selection anlässlich eines Live-Streams (03. November 2019 –, den ich über mein Facebook Profil übertragen habe. Dieses Mal sind Alpha Steppa, Stand High Patrol, Kibir La Amlak, Jah Schulz u.a. zu hören!

1) Victory Train (Version) – Ibo with Tenor Saw
2) Meditation Rock – Jonah Dan
3) Meditation Rock (Inner Sanctuary Mix) – Disciples
4) Verse 6 – Jah Shaka
5) Tears Of The Righteous – TNT Roots
6) Tears Of The Righteous 2 – TNT Roots
7) Downbeat Rock – Disciples
8) Downbeat Rock Dubplate Cut 1 – Disciples
9) Groundation Rock – The Shanti Ites
10) Groundation Dub – The Shanti Ites
11) East Bond Street – Stand High Patrol
12) Crucial Steppa – Alpha Steppa meets Alpha & Omega
13) Rootical Dub – Alpha & Omega
14) Rootical Dubplate – Alpha & Omega
15) Root Pt. 1 – Jah Schulz
16) Root Pt. 2 – Jah Schulz
17) Warrior Step – Kibir La Amlak

Various Artist | DICAPTAINMUSIC.COM | 07. November 2019

Rootical Crate: SHAKA994 – Jah Shaka Music

Rootical Crate

A1. Johnny Clarke – Jah Creator
A2. Johnny Clarke – Creator Dub
B1. Johnny Clarke – Blood Dunza
B2. Johnny Clarke – Dunza Dub

compiled, mixed and arranged by Di CAPTAiN | 2018



Rootical Crate

A1 Al Campbell – Jah Love (Extended mix)
A2 General Lee & Trinity – Jah a me Right Hand Man
B1 Jah Love Dub
B2 King Tubbys Dub

compiled, mixed and arranged by Di CAPTAiN | 2018

Rootical 2 Experience


At first! Give thanks to every producer, artist and the people who are involved in this piece of art. Heartical selection for I&i — give it a try! I used to put in the sounds of maracas, one guacharaca and one melodica to share my impression with each and everyone. Music is connection. We can learn the language.
Fulljoy everytime! Ites.