Rootical Dub Station 13: Dub Pressure – 15th May 2020

Mixtapes, Rootical Dub Station

This one called »Dub Pressure«. The Pressure is everywhere and the pressure is wide spreading from one to one. This tape is like a dedication to stand against the hard time pressure and to focus on that, whats present – and on that, what is possible. I’ve recorded this one as a live stream dated back to the 15th May of 2020. It contains the pattern from UK Dub and goes on. From the ’90s – to the mids – to the present time. Turn up your loudspeaker and follow the base. Fulljoy!

Ain’t No Sunshine
Born In The Ghetto
Unhappy People
Shaka The Great
Verse 1
Commandment Dub
Conquering Dub
Redemption Dub
Powerful Dub
Armagedon Dub
The Dub Mafia Has Returned
Mighty In Battle
Rainbow City
I Fear No Evil
The Kings Highway + Dub
Cape Horn Verse I
Positive Vibration + Verse II
Fyah Spirit
Praise H.I.M. (Livity-Ites Dub)
You No Better + Humble Dub
Guiding Light
True Love
Rootical Dub
Gregory’s Dub
Jah Lead Us + Dub
Revelation Dub + Mix
Home Way
Raagstep – Panda Dub Remix
Boogie Dub Production
Glowing Fire – Full Dub Remix
The Great Return
Down In The Town + Dub In The Hills
Dubplate Specialist
Guide I & I
Amazonite (Sound System Mix)
The Bridge
The Tunnel
Urban Style + Dub
Sleep On It

Rootical Dub Station 12 – 8th May 2020

Mixtapes, Rootical Dub Station

A good six months ago an attack on a shisha bar in Hanau was committed. 9 people were killed. People who still had most of their lives ahead of them.
Right-wing terrorism and racism is also evident in the NSU affair, which has not yet been fully cleared up. »Single perpetrator« seems to be a synonym for these attacks. This is also true in the case of Walter Lübke, who was shot in the head in Kassel. The acts are no longer available.
Racism and right-wing radicalism are systemic acts, but are not considered to be systemically relevant. Convictions do not come to an end. 75 years ago, on May 8, 1945, Germany was liberated from fascism. Nobody won, because the contractions of fascism are still present to this day. Therefore I remember the victims of equal deeds.
In Hamburg, there is also a constant remembrance of victims of the system. With posters, billboards and flyers on fences, on window panes and on the streets. Right-wing radicalism, fascism and racism are not unique phenomena in the current system and are far from being stifled. Therefore there was a demonstration f.e. in Stuttgart on August 19, 2020, where people took onto the streets and raised the flags.
My live stream of 8 May 2020 takes up this topic and tries to negotiate this. Even the similarities between the victims, for example in everyday racism, and the working class are part of it.

Gracias a la vida
Soul Drums
Dub With Feeling
Daylight Robbery + Dub
Look In The World + Dub
Reality + Version
Joker Lover + Version
Warrior + Version
Robber Man + Version
I And I Time
Poor Marcus + Brother Marcus Dub
At The Dub Market
Lamb’s Bread Herb
Jah Love Is With I (Extended)
Armed Robbery + Grab An Flee
Dont Study Wrong + Sounds Almighty Version
Fally Ranking
Babylon (Extended)
Changing (Extended)
Babylon Is A Trap
Police Man
I Don’t Want To Be No General + Dub
Take Nine

Rootical Dub Station 11 – 1st May 2020

Mixtapes, Rootical Dub Station

I have just released my May 1st live mix, which is dedicated to the working class people around the world. The 1st of May is the day of the working people.
Its historical tradition dates back to 1884 when the »Federation of Organized Trades and Labor Unions of the United States and Canada« called for a general strike on May 1, 1886. They demanded an eight-hour working day instead of a twelve-hour day. In the whole of the United States between 300.000 and 500.000 people went on strike. The largest demonstration took place in Chicago with 90.000 people. On May 3, six workers were shot and some were injured. The following night, thousands of workers gathered and ran to Haymarket Square as a sign of their protest against the violence of the capitalist system. On May 4, the workers gathered to express their solidarity with their dead comrades and to protest against the brutality of the police. A bomb was dropped on Haymarket Square. Nobody knows whom the bomb came from, but research suggests that an Agent Provocateur detonated the bomb on behalf of the authorities. A peaceful event turned into a massacre. Demonstrators were shot and killed once again at the hands of the government. The strike lasted three days until the police broke through and crushed the protest. During this time, around 200 workers were injured or killed. The day went down in history as the »Haymarket Riot«. The organizers were sentenced to death. Despite defeat, the day was a step forward in the victory of socialism. It clearly showed the working classes of the world that they either remain wage slaves in bourgeois societies or liberate themselves by overthrowing bourgeois society and its class violence against the oppressed.
So this two-hour-long roots reggae and dub mix, with some selected melodies of humanity and against oppression, is dedicated to both tradition and the upcoming struggles for a better, fairer world. Solidarity is the key.

Elegie al Che
Capture Land Dub
Militancy Dub
Shoot Up The Town
A Fat Dub
Heart Made Of Stone + Dub
Stabbed Yu In De Back
Them Thing Deh
Citizen Dub
Which Side Are You On?
No Man Is An Island
To Much Confusion (Extended)
Wood For My Fire Dub Wise
Wood For My Fire Style
Whom Shall I Be Afraid Of (Extended)
La Lizza Delle Apuane (Toscana) + Bella Ciao (Pianura Padana)
Kingdom Dub
Slave Driver + Dub
The Internationale
Jahova Dub
Battle Cry
Mentally Tougher By Using Dub One + Two
The Big Tree
Mandela + Version
East Bond Street
Downbeat Rock + Dubplate Cut 2
La Plegaria A Un Labrador

Rootical Dub Station 10

Mixtapes, Rootical Dub Station

Diese Selection habe ich am 15. April 2020 gemischt und über mein Facebook Profil live gestreamt. Das Set beginnt mit meditierenden Sounds, fragt nach den Ursachen einer ungerechten Umverteilung und appelliert an Zusammenhalt und zur Solidarität. Ein Gang durch die Geschichte des Roots und Dub. Fulljoy!

  1. World Under Siege (Swell Headed Version)
  2. Mountain View Dub (Version One) – Augustus Pablo
  3. Mountain View Dub (Version Two) – Augustus Pablo
  4. 555 Crown Street – Augustus Pablo
  5. 555 Dub – Augustus Pablo
  6. Binghi Satta – Rockers All Stars
  7. Silent Satta – Augustus Pablo
  8. Away With Your Fussing And Fighting – Junior Delgado with Augustus Pablo
  9. Solomon Dub – Pablo All Stars
  10. This Feeling (Version) – King Jammy
  11. Mr Boss Man (Extended) – Linval Thompson
  12. Days Are Grey – Young Kulcha with Doctor Justice and The Riddim Activist (Conscious Embassy Studio)
  13. Grey Dub – Conscious Embassy
  14. Give Me Back (What You Take From The Poor) (Dub) – Linval Thompson
  15. Combination – The Professor & The Roots Radics
  16. Roman Soldiers (Extended) – Winston Jones
  17. Oh Jah, Can’t You See – Barrington Levy
  18. Terrible Dub – Scientist with Milton Welch and The Roots Radics
  19. The Almighty Power (Dub) – Derek „Demondo“ Fevrier with Norman Grant and Twinkle Brothers
  20. Yes We Can (Extended) – RockDis
  21. Dub It Alone – Rootical 45 with Amoul Bayi All Stars
  22. Dub It To Addis Ababa – Disciples
  23. Dub In The Valley – Vibronics
  24. Dub In The Valley (Version) – Vibronics
  25. Sunrise – Disciples
  26. Sunrise Dubplate Cut 2 – Disciples
  27. Dub Medicine – Jah Schulz
  28. Reparations – Keety Roots
  29. Dubarations Part 2 – Keety Roots
  30. We Dub Dem – Kanka
  31. Funeral – Kanka with Sr. Wilson
  32. Time Has Come – Kanka with Twan Tee
  33. Rasta Horns – Forward Fever with Jamma Dim
  34. Break The Chain (Dub) – Jah Schulz with Sista Kaya

26th April 2020 | DICAPTAINMUSIC.COM

Das Live-Video ist hier zu sehen:

Alle meine »Rootical Dub Station« Mixes sind durch meine Soundcloud zugänglich:

Rootical Dub Station 9

Mixtapes, Rootical Dub Station

Am 07. April 2020 habe ich über mein Facebook Profil die letzte Rootical Dub Station gestreamt. Leider musste ich den Stream nach knapp einer halben Stunde wieder starten, da dieser abgebrochen ist. Die Audioaufnahme ist aber in einem Guss in meiner Soundcloud zu finden. Wie bisher von der Rootical Dub Station gewohnt, gibts Roots, Rockers, Dub von Vinyl straight in eure Lautsprecher. Seit der achten sind die Aufnahme auf jeweils knapp zwei Stunden gewachsen. Viel Vergnügen beim Hören!

Der nächste Live-Stream findet am Mittwoch, 15. April 2020, von 18:00 bis 20:00 (CEST/UTC+2) statt!

  1. Way Out Rockers – Augustus Pablo
  2. Robin Hood – Barrington Levy
  3. Rob In Dub – Scientist with Henry „Junjo“ Lawes and Roots Radics
  4. Night Of Our Lives Dub – Prince Jamo
  5. Trouble You A Trouble Me – Ini Kamoze with Sly Dunbar & Robbie Shakespeare
  6. Trouble You A Trouble Dub – Sly Dunbar & Robbie Shakespeare
  7. Heartache – Channel One with The Revolutionaries
  8. Don’t Let Problems Get You Down – Horace Andy with Everton Da Silva
  9. Who Can’t Hear Must Feel – The Maytones with King Tubby and Vernon Buckley
  10. (Pablo Meets) Mr. Bassie – Augustus Pablo
  11. Three Meals A Day (Extended) – Dennis Brown with Errol Thompson and Joe Gibbs
  12. Africa (Tubbys Dub Plate Mix) – King Tubby with Ranking Dread
  13. Jubilation Dub – Joe Gibbs & The Professionals
  14. Don’t Study Wrong – Junior Delgado with Dennis Brown
  15. Sounds Almighty Version – Dennis Brown and D.E.B. Music Players
  16. Many Changes In Life – Barrington Levy
  17. Many Changes In Life (Dub) – Scientist with Henry „Junjo“ Lawes and Roots Radics
  18. Rockers Style Dubplate – King Tubby with Augustus Pablo and The Aggrovators
  19. Lightning & Thunder – Basque Dub Foundation
  20. Lightning Dub – Basque Dub Foundation with The Disciples
  21. Thunder Dub – Basque Dub Foundation
  22. Almighty Dub – The Disciples
  23. Almighty Dub (Version) – The Disciples
  24. Babylon (Extended) – Johnny Clarke with Jah Shaka
  25. Bubbling Fountain (Love Jah) – Dennis Brown with King Tubby and The Revolutionaries
  26. Guess Who Is Coming To Dinner – Black Uhuru with Sly Dunbar & Robbie Shakespeare
  27. Guess Who Is Coming To Dinner Dub Wise – Sly Dunbar & Robbie Shakespeare & The Taxi Gang
  28. Blood Dunza – Johnny Clarke with Jah Shaka
  29. Love & Understanding – John Holt with Channel One and The Revolutionaries
  30. Peace – Channel One and The Revolutionaries
  31. I Know Myself Version 1 (JA) – Channel One and The Revolutionaries with Ernest Wilson
  32. Dub A Dub – Jackie Mittoo with Roots Radics and Ranking Dread


Rootical Dub Station 8

Mixtapes, Rootical Dub Station

Vergangenen Dienstag, am 31. März 2020, habe ich ein knapp zweistündiges Set gespielt. Angefangen bei Roots und Foundation gings dann auch bis in die Gegenwart. Neu sind zum Beispiel Tunes von Jah Schulz, die im Right Time – Right Dub Album zu finden sind. Ausserdem gibts Einblicke in den Underground UKs. Vielmehr bekannt als UK Dub. „90er UK Dub Revival“ hat sich Aba Shanti I als Konzept zu seiner seit letztem Jahr angelaufenen Tour auf die Fahne geschrieben. Demnach sind einige Re-Pressungen aus dem Hause Shanti Ites erschienen und erscheinen noch. An dieser Stelle braucht es nicht mehr Worte als nötig. In diesem Sinne: Viel Vergnügen beim Hören!
Der nächste Livestream findet am 07. April um 18 Uhr hier statt.

  1. ‎Ayatollah – Jackie Mittoo
  2. Little Flute Chant – Lee Perry with Brad OsbourneThe Towerchanters
  3. March Down Babylon Version – The Chosen Brothers
  4. Warmonger – Barry Brown with Flabba Holt & Roots Radics
  5. Them Ha Fi Get A Beaten (Extended) – Barry Brown with Flabba Holt & Roots Radics
  6. Rasta Have The Handle – Scientist with Henry „Junjo“ Lawes & Hugh Mundell
  7. Chanting – Henry „Junjo“ Lawes & Roots Radics with John Holt
  8. Jah Army (Extended) – Al Campbell with Channel One
  9. Declaration Of Rights Dub – Bunny Lee
  10. Declaration Of Rights – Dennis Brown with Bunny Lee
  11. Im Still Dancing – Michael Palmer with Jah Thomas
  12. Give A Little Dub – Scientist, Henry „Junjo“ Lawes & Roots Radics with Johnny Osbourne
  13. Let Go Jah Jah Children (Extended) – Barry Brown with Bunny Lee
  14. Trouble Version – Linval Thompson
  15. A Ruffer Version – King Tubby with Bunny Lee & Johnny Clarke
  16. Money Money – Horace Andy with Bunny Lee
  17. Dub Confusion – King Tubby with Barry Brown
  18. King Tubby’s Special – King Tubby
  19. Break The Chains (Dub)– Jah Schulz with Sista Kaya
  20. Right Dub – Jah Shaka
  21. Galactic Light – Jonah Dan & Julian Ryan
  22. Shanti – Ites – The Shanti-Ites
  23. Merciful Dub Mix 1 – Disciples
  24. The Dub Mafia Has Returned – Jah Schulz
  25. Tears Of The Righteous – TNT Roots
  26. Tears Of The Righteous 2 – TNT Roots
  27. The Peacemaker – Disciples

06. April 2020 | DiCAPTAiNMUSIC.COM

Rootical Dub Station 7

Mixtapes, Rootical Dub Station

Der erste Live Stream in diesem Jahr hat am 06. Januar stattgefunden. Dieses Mal mit Musikern und Toningenieuren wie Jackie Mittoo, Val Bennett, Tommy McCook, Dennis Bovell u.a.

1) The Sniper – Bunny Lee with Jackie Mittoo
2) Word – Winston Rodney with Phillip Fullwood
3) Jah Jah Symphony In ‚B‘ Minor – Keith Brown with Earth, Roots & Water and Bumpy Jones
4) Dread Version – Glen Osborne with Rick Frater
5) Come With Me (Version) – Dennis Bovell
6) Brace A Boy – Augustus Pablo
7) I Love You So (Version) – Norman Grant with The Twinkle Brothers
8) Daylight Dub – Sydney Crooks with The Eclipse Band
9) Look In The World Vs. – Martin Campbell with Hi Tech Roots Dynamics
10) Crazy Baldhead Horns – Bunny Lee with The Aggrovators and Tommy McCook
11) The Russians Are Coming – King Tubby with Val Bennett
12) Questions – Victor Axelrod with The Frightnrs
13) King Tubby’s Rock – King Tubby with Yabby You
14) Stabbed Yu In De Back – Fatman Riddim Section
15) Dangerous Version – Tommy Cowan with The Inner Circle
16) Concentration (Version 3) – Derrick Harriott with The Crystalites

Various Artists | DICAPTAINMUSIC.COM | 09.01.2020

Rootical Dub Station 6

Mixtapes, Rootical Dub Station

A live stream through dub music. Selection took place at the 24th of november 2019. The fresh released 7 inch by Jah Schulz with Donovan Kingjay premiered, check this.

1) Kunta Kinte Version Two – Jo Jo Hookim with The Revolutionaries
2) Hands Up High – Alpha & Omega
3) Hands Up Dub – Alpha & Omega
4) Conscious Dub – Kunterbunt Productions, biBa with Jah Olli
5) The Great Return – Stand High Patrol
6) Dub Is My Life – O.B.F.
7) Dub Chanting – Jah Schulz with Donovan Kingjay
8) Midnite – Jonah Dan
9) The Return – Vibronics
10) The Return Dub – Vibronics
11) Arise – The Disciples
12) Arise Dub – The Disciples
13) True Love – The Disciples
14) True Dub – The Disciples
15) Guiding Light – The Disciples
16) Guiding Dub – The Disciples
17) Catharsis Part II – Alpha Steppa with Chazbo & Cyp

Various Artist | DiCAPTAiNMUSiC.COM | 01. Dezember 2019

Rootical Dub Station 5

Mixtapes, Rootical Dub Station

Dieser Mix beinhaltet einige Tracks und Dub-Mixes aus dem Dub Prozess von den 90ern bis zur Gegenwart. Der Live-Stream hat am 17. November 2019 über stattgefunden. Vertreten sind Conscious Embassy, Vibronics, Kanka, Indica Dubs, Jah Massive u.a.

1) Dub Revolution – The Disciples
2) Day are Grey Dub – Conscious Embassy with Young Kulcha
3) Genesis – Jonah Dan
4) Silver & Gold Dub – Vinney Satta with Cornell Campbell
5) Shanti Ites – The Shanti Ites
6) Shanti Ites Dub – The Shanti Ites
7) Eastern Fire – The Disciples
8) Fyah Spirit – The Disciples
9) Warrior Rock – Vibronics
10) Warrior Dub – Vibronics
11) Skunky (Version) – Kanka
12) Amazonite (Zion Train Mix) – Krak In Dub with Pupa Jim
13) Money Dub – Cultural Warriors with Horace Andy
14) Fire Dub – Dennis Rootical & King Simeon with Micah Shemaiah
15) Revelation Dub Mix – Indica Dubs & Jah Massive

Various Artist | DICAPTAINMUSIC.COM | 21. November 2019

Rootical Dub Station 4

Mixtapes, Rootical Dub Station

Eine Live Aufnahme vom 10. November 2019. Strictly Dub Versions in der Rootical Dub Station: Live-Streaming Selection über mein Facebook-Profil.

1) Powerful Dub – Jah Shaka
2) Hunger – Dennis Brown/Castro Brown with D.E.B. Music Players
3) Shaka The Great – The Overnight Players
4) Murder Observer Style – Winston ‚Niney‘ Holness with Gregory Isaacs
5) Kingdom Rise And Kingdom Fall – Barnabas, Henry ‚Junjo‘ Lawes and Roots Radics with Wailing Souls
6) Rasta Have The Handle – Scientist with Hugh Mundell
7) Bad Days Are Going – Bunny Lee and The Revolutionaries with Johnny Clarke
8) Look Youthman – Prince Jammy with Barrington Levy
9) Noah’s Ark – Scientist with Eek-A-Mouse
10) Fittest Of The Fittest Dub – King Tubby with Barry Brown
11) Slave Driver Version – Dennis Brown
12) Ethiopian Kings Dub – C. Oswald and Soul Syndicate with Rod Taylor
13) Jahovah Dub (Alternative Mix) – Prince Jammy with Johnny Osbourne
14) Life Is Not Easy Dub – Linval Thompson
15) Sounds Almighty Version – Dennis Brown/Castro Brown with D.E.B. Music Players
16) General Dub Version – Dennis Brown
17) Rasta P’on Top – Norman Grant, Twinkle Brothers
18) Hell A Go Pop – Soldgie, Henry ‚Junjo‘ Lawes and Roots Radics with Cultural Roots

Various Artist | DICAPTAINMUSIC.COM | 17.11.2019