Rootical Dub Station 13: Dub Pressure – 15th May 2020

Mixtapes, Rootical Dub Station

This one called »Dub Pressure«. The Pressure is everywhere and the pressure is wide spreading from one to one. This tape is like a dedication to stand against the hard time pressure and to focus on that, whats present – and on that, what is possible. I’ve recorded this one as a live stream dated back to the 15th May of 2020. It contains the pattern from UK Dub and goes on. From the ’90s – to the mids – to the present time. Turn up your loudspeaker and follow the base. Fulljoy!

Ain’t No Sunshine
Born In The Ghetto
Unhappy People
Shaka The Great
Verse 1
Commandment Dub
Conquering Dub
Redemption Dub
Powerful Dub
Armagedon Dub
The Dub Mafia Has Returned
Mighty In Battle
Rainbow City
I Fear No Evil
The Kings Highway + Dub
Cape Horn Verse I
Positive Vibration + Verse II
Fyah Spirit
Praise H.I.M. (Livity-Ites Dub)
You No Better + Humble Dub
Guiding Light
True Love
Rootical Dub
Gregory’s Dub
Jah Lead Us + Dub
Revelation Dub + Mix
Home Way
Raagstep – Panda Dub Remix
Boogie Dub Production
Glowing Fire – Full Dub Remix
The Great Return
Down In The Town + Dub In The Hills
Dubplate Specialist
Guide I & I
Amazonite (Sound System Mix)
The Bridge
The Tunnel
Urban Style + Dub
Sleep On It

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