Rootical 2 Experience


At first! Give thanks to every producer, artist and the people who are involved in this piece of art. Heartical selection for I&i — give it a try! I used to put in the sounds of maracas, one guacharaca and one melodica to share my impression with each and everyone. Music is connection. We can learn the language.
Fulljoy everytime! Ites.

Let the journey begin:

Barry Brown – Dub Confusion
Barry Brown – Jukes And Watch
Frankie Paul – Worries In The Dance
Barry Brown – Ital Rock
Johnny Clarke & The Dub Band – Jah Guidance And Dub w/ Melodica
(speech from the man called Leroy „Horsemouth“ Wallace)
Barry Brown – Jah Jah We Are Calling
Trevor Junior – I&I Time And Dubwise w/ Melodica
Junior Reid – Chanting
Michael Palmer – Im Still Dancing
Big Youth – Political Confusion
Sylford Walker – Jah Golden Pen And Dub
Rod Taylor – Ethiopian Kings And Dub
(speech from the man called Malcolm X)
Hugh Mundell – Run Revolution A Come
Hugh Mundell – Going Places
John Holt – Love And Understanding And Dub
Desmond Rhythm Band – One Love In Dub w/ Melodica
Al Cambpell – Jah Love Dub
Barry Brown – Shoot Up The Town
Overstand Ent. – Militancy Dub
(preparing for Sabbath – blessing the chalice and more..)
Count Ossie & Mystic Revelation Of Rastafari – Sams Intro

• Leroy „Horsemouth“ Wallace speech taken from the movie „Rockers“, released 1978.
• Malcolm X speech taken from „Democracy is Hypocrisy“
• Sounds recorded with Mic
used Equipment:
Rane Sixty-Four, 2xTechnics 1200, SD-1 Dubsiren, Melodica, Maracas, Gucharaca, Ableton

For promotional use only © 2017
compiled, mixed and arranged by Di CAPTAiN
Wuppertal, GERMANY

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