„Pupa Albo Deyah“ – mixed by Di CAPTAiN


I want to introduce you to one of my favourite reggae artists from now with this ~63 minutes #mixtapewhich includes 32 tunes from the beginning till now. Check this out and play it loud seeen! And if you like you can share it with your peeps around there. Free download as well.
Music is a mission – not a competition

used equipment:
Vestax VCI-380
edited w/ Ableton Live Suite 9

yours truly, Di CAPTAiN.

1. Zion Train (Feat. Ky-ManiI Marley)
2. One Sound (Feat. Gramps Morgan)
3. Burnin And Lootin (Feat. Ky-Mani Marley)
4. Right Or Wrong
5. Cant Stand It (Feat. Dennis Brown)
(intro: „cant stand dub“ by alborosie)
6. Callin (Feat. Michael Rose)
7. Herbalist
8. Precious (Feat. Ranking Joe)
9. Celebration (Feat. Gentleman)
10. No Cocaine
(intro: „cocaine and dub“ by alborosie)
11. Money (Feat. Horace Andy)
(intro: „money money“ and „chapter of money“ by horacy andy & king tubby)
12. Kingston Town
(intro: „dubbing kingston“ by alborosie)
13. Steppin Out (Feat. David Hinds)
14. Rastafari Anthem
(intro: „last war“ by zap pow)
15. Rock The Dancehall (Disco Mix)
16. Waan The Herb (Feat. Michael Rose)
17. Tax War
(intro: „higgler move“ by junior reid)
18. Rolling Like A Rock
19. Shut U Mouth
20. Games
21. Camilla
22. Raggamuffin
23. International Drama
24. Rocky Road
25. Poser
26. Cry
27. Cant Cool
28. Strolling (Feat. Protoje)
29. Zion Youth (Feat. Sugus)
30. Rich
31. Carry On (Feat. Sandy Smith)
32. Everything (Feat. Roots Radics & Pupa Avril)

compiled and mixed by selector ‚Di CAPTAiN‘ (member of Outernational Sounds)
Wuppertal, GERMANY


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