„Rootical 2 Experience“ now on YouTube


Greetings to one and all!

After a bunch of hours in front of the computer i can surely share my happiness about this work with you. Cause my latest mixtape (https://soundcloud.com/di_captain/rootical-ii-experience) is now available on the YouTube platform. I’ve put some original footage like the speech from Leroy „Horsemouth“ Wallace from the movie called „Rockers“ (wich was released in 1978 and directed/produced by Theodoros Bafaloukos) and the speech from Malcolm X („Democracy is hypocrisy“) where he is talkin‘ ‚bout the social and racism problems in the U. S.. I thought that this is the right medium to put everything together.

So fulljoy! Give thanks & ites!

  1. Barry Brown – Dub Confusion
  2. Barry Brown – Jukes And Watch
  3. Frankie Paul – Worries In The Dance
  4. Barry Brown – Ital Rock
  5. Johnny Clarke & The Dub Band – Jah Guidance And Dub w/ Melodica
    (speech from the man called Leroy „Horsemouth“ Wallace)
  6. Barry Brown – Jah Jah We Are Calling
  7. Trevor Junior – I&I Time And Dubwise w/ Melodica
  8. Junior Reid – Chanting
  9. Michael Palmer – Im Still Dancing
  10. Big Youth – Political Confusion
  11. Sylford Walker – Jah Golden Pen And Dub
  12. Rod Taylor – Ethiopian Kings And Dub
    (speech from the man called Malcolm X)
  13. Hugh Mundell – Run Revolution A Come
  14. Hugh Mundell – Going Places
  15. John Holt – Love And Understanding And Dub
  16. Desmond Rhythm Band – One Love In Dub w/ Melodica
  17. Al Cambpell – Jah Love Dub
  18. Barry Brown – Shoot Up The Town
  19. Overstand Ent. – Militancy Dub
    (preparing for Sabbath – blessing the chalice and more..)
  20. Count Ossie & Mystic Revelation Of Rastafari – Sams Intro


Equipment in use: Rane Sixty-Four, Technics 1200, SD-1 Dubsiren, Melodica, Maracas, Gucharaca, Ableton

For promotional use only © 2017
compiled, mixed and arranged by Di CAPTAiN
Wuppertal, GERMANY



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